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New York Special Education Attorney

Firm services include CPSE/CSE Meetings, Due Process
Hearings, Individualized Education Plans and more.

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Colleen E. Parker Law Firm

Special Education Advocate, Attorney and Advisor

Let me help you secure the appropriate education your child is entitled to under the law. As your special education attorney, I can prepare you for or attend your child’s Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE) or Committee on Special Education (CSE) meeting, negotiate with your child’s school district, and handle due process hearings.

Having a child with a disability myself, I understand how overwhelming the special education process on Long Island and in New York City can seem. Each child with a disability has unique strengths and challenges, which is why every special education student is entitled to an individualized education plan. As your special education advocate, I will help you secure the appropriate program and related services that your child needs to prepare him or her for further education, employment, and independent living to the maximum extent possible.

At the Law Office of Colleen E. Parker, the focus is on Special Education Law in New York. Contact me for a free initial phone consultation to discuss your child’s situation.


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